Hub Lakes Church is a neighborhood church who loves Jesus. Our mission is to love Jesus and to love our neighborhood. It doesn’t get more complicated than that.

But… if you are looking for the backstory, here it is:

Troy and Noelle Rhodes (see pic above) are two churched kids all grown up. In March of 2001, these two love birds fell madly love at Bible College. In May of 2003, they got hitched and decided they wanted to be in ministry. They have worked together as youth pastors, kids pastors and as overseas missionaries for the last 15 years. During their awesome adventure as missionaries in the great and wonderful, Northern Ireland, they felt a tug in their heart to head back home (ahem, good ol’ Jersey) and start a church that would simply love Jesus and their neighborhood. Nothing complicated, over programmed or heavily branded. Just simply - church in the neighborhood. Ya, know like… get together… love Jesus … learn about Jesus... love each and take care of the world around us. So, there you go. That’s the backstory.


  • A very “homey” feel because…we meet in our home

  • A time of worship (we like to sing but you don’t have to)

  • A time of bible teaching (heads up: our male and female leaders take turns teaching from the Bible)

  • A time of sharing (everyone gets an opportunity to talk about what we are studying and how it applies to their own personal life)

  • Communion (we do this every Sunday)

  • Prayer (we pray for each other because we believe in the power of prayer)

  • Share a meal together (there is opportunity to stick around for lunch but it’s not mandatory)


Sunday Gathering: 11:30am // 33 Upper Rainbow Trail, Denville NJ // hey@hublakeschurch.com